The Scout Law in Practice

by Arthur A. Carey, copyright 1915, by Little Brown and Company, Boston MA

Table of Contents

The Boy Scout Sign
Chapter I: What is our Honor?
Chapter II: Our Duty to God
Chapter III: Our Duty to our Country
Chapter IV: The Rules of the Game
Chapter V: "To Keep Myself Physically Strong, Mentally Awake and Morally Straight"
Chapter VI: "To Help Other People at All Times"
Chapter VII: A Scout is Trustworthy
Chapter VIII: A Scout is Loyal
Chapter IX: A Scout is Helpful
Chapter X: A Scout is Friendly
Chapter XI: A Scout is Courteous
Chapter XII: A Scout is Kind
Chapter XIII: A Scout is Obedient
Chapter XIV: A Scout is Cheerful
Chapter XV: A Scout is Thrifty
Chapter XVI: A Scout is Brave
Chapter XVII: A Scout is Clean
Chapter XVIII: A Scout is Reverent
Chapter XIX: "Be Prepared"

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