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A Visit from Saint Nicholas

Troop XMAS Party The Scouts of Notre Dame de Lourdes Troop 26 got a visit from Santa during their annual Christmas party. Santa stopped in to check on who was being naughty and who was being nice this year.

With the coming holidays, the Troop takes a break during the school vacation, then comes back at full force in January with the troop swim, campout, dinner, and then on into Scout Sunday.

Lots has been happening, and theirs lots more to go for the Scouts of NDL Troop 26.

Den Makes a Christmas Visit

Supporting Toys for Tots The Scouts of Notre Dame de Lourdes Pack 26 Webelos den took a trip to see the Christmas display at the Brickstone Plaza during their December 8th den meeting.

The Scouts, with a couple additional relatives, each brought a toy to donate to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign.

The Brickstone Plaza Christmas tree is known as one of the biggest trees in the country. Its over 100 feet tall, with hundreds of ornaments and thousands of lights.

Along with a local Christmas Villiage display, a visit to the plaza has become an annual event for many families throughout New England. The Scouts and their leaders took the opportunity to see this display, and make a service project out of it as well.

Troop's Annual Halloween Party Howls

Scouts Looking their Best The Scouts of Notre Dame de Lourdes Troop 26 held their annual Halloween Party during their last meeting in October.

A great number of Scouts, Parents, Troop Leaders and Webelos were in attendance a this event. Everyone had a blast!!

Also in attendance were a number of boys from the neighborhood who were visiting the troop meetings to see if they wanted to join. What a great opportunity for us to show off Scouting as a fun and entertaining activity.

Annual Recruiting Drive

Scouting SpokesCat Here they come!!

A great number of boys have been showing up at our annual Cub Recruiting night, as well as just showing up at the door at the Boy Scout Troop.

New Scouts tend to just show up at the Troop, or some of the Scouts will recruit their friends, schoolmates, or neighbors.

The Boy Scout Troop program now numbers well over 30 boys, and the Pack has grown to over 40 active boys!!

As always, we welcome any young men looking to join our programs.

LockMonster Visits Scouting26

Crossing the Bridge Chris Kingsley, Athletic Director for the Lowell LockMonster Hockey team, made a recent visit to the Scouts and Webelos of Notre Dame de Lourdes Scouting 26 programs.

Through their community relations department, we arranged to have him stop by to speak to the Scouts on the use and abuse of steroids in the professional athletic community.

An excellent opportunity for all, this visit gave the kids a chance to talk one-on-one with a member of the newest team in Lowell-- and gave the LockMonster another chance to continue the excellent community service that they have been doing throughout the area.

Whats New

Biggest XMAS Tree in New England!

Fall Cleanup

LockMonster Hockey Coach Visit

Washington DC Trip

1999 Pinewood Derby

MB Counselor System

Conference Center

Serve New England

New Meeting Times

Character Counts
Whats New

Fr. Jim Robichaud OMI
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Shawn J Ashe
Chartered Org Representative

Pat Thornton
Troop Committee Chair

Mike McCluskey Jr

Jim Wilson

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Shawn Ashe
Boy Scouts
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Meeting Times

Boy Scouts

Notre Dame de Lourdes Troop 26 meets on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30pm. All meetings are held in the Notre Dame de Lourdes Multi-Function hall at 101 Smith Street, Lowell MA.

In additions, members of the Patrol Leaders Council should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to this, and remain 15 minutes after to review the current meeting, and plan for the next.

Troop Committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month during the Troop Meeting.

Anyone wishing to visit the Troop during these meetings is free to do so. Please call ahead so that we can prepare any necessary information (or warn you of any off-site meetings in progress).

Also, the Troop runs with a standard rule of "No School-No Scouts". If there is a holiday, vacation, or storm day, the Troop meeting will not be held that evening.

Cub Scouts

Our Cub Scout program runs on a varied schedule.

The second and third graders (known in the Cub Scout program as "Wolves" and "Bears" meet at the church hall each Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 7:45. The fourth and fifth graders (Webelos) meet on Wednesday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:00.

The first grade program (Tigers) meets on a varied schedule based upon the needs of the group and the planned activities. Contact the Tiger Coordinator, Pat Thornton, for more information.

The monthly pack meeting is held on the last Friday evening of the month from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

All dates are flexible, based upon the needs of the church, the school calendar, holidays, and weather.

If interested in joining, please contact the unit leader for further information.


It is the mission of Scouting 26 to promote and foster an atmosphere that will provide a foundation for positive growth of the membership in the areas of moral strength and character; participating citizenship; and physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Specific goals include providing an adequate meeting facility, support and enforce the policies of the Boy Scouts of America and Notre Dame de Lourdes Church, provide for financial stability utilizing a budget plan, manage troop property, provide an adequate camping program, and recruit the best leadership available to operate the program.

by Shawn J Ashe

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