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Photograph of Lithuanian parade in Lowell, MAPhotograph of Lithuanian parade in Lowell, MAThe Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center is a program of the  Lowell, Lowell National Historical Park in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lithuanians Coming to Lowell Lithuanians Coming to Lowell

Iŝ Lietuvos Lowelliui : Lithuanians Coming to Lowell
An Exhibit on Lithuanians in the Lowell Area

As immigrants from all over Europe came to Lowell during the 19th and early 20th centuries so did the Lithuanians who were seeking better economic conditions and the chance to practice their Catholic or Jewish religion free from the dominance of Russian Orthodoxy or Communist atheism. Lowell provided a place where Lithuanians could open businesses, start schools, form a church, and organize social and political clubs to re-create their community in the midst of the textile mills. They lived in many parts of the city but could especially be found in the South End and in Centralville. The Lithuanian community, however small, was active in integrating into Lowell while preserving the culture of their ancestors.

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