The list below is from Canoutis's  1911 Directory of Hellenic American Business's Guide. This guide listed all  businesses owned by Greeks in the U.S. by state and town with the name of  the business and their addresses.

Lowell, MA 1912, Greek owned businesses

 Greek Orth. Church, Lewis nr. Market

Pastor: Rev. Const. Hadzidimitriou,; 4 Willie.

 Greek Newspaper. "Patrils," 441 Market

 Agents (Tickets, etc..

Gouzoules, Gco.,  I Market.


Gavriel & Chanakis Co., 105 Lewis.

Louris & Koumantaros, 46 Lewis.

Zepos, Geo., 44 Lewis.


Canilianig, A., 404 Market.

Chamatos, 11 South.

Coronios & Co., 586 Merrimack.

Delezanos & Constantinides, 455 Market

Gaans, B., 370 Market

Georgakakos, Const., 386 Suffolk.

Harakas, 484 Market.

Koutras N 378 Market.

Mavroides, Th., 575 Market.

Michalopoulos, H., 454 Market.

Skouroubelos, D., 497 Market.

 Coffee Houses.

Anastassopoulos, P., 479 Market.

Banakos,625 Market.

Economou,. J., 366 Market.

Kavourist, G.. & Co., 5 Hanover.

Koukos. A., 412 Market.

Likouressis, 485 Market.

Mavroides, 457 Market.

Mougakos & Co., 596 Market.

Patsorakos & Co., 599 Market.

Pikoulas & Co.. 486 Market.

Samaras, M., & Co., 469 Market.

Speropoulos, N Co 463 Market.

Tambakologos, 430 Co.

Voutselas, H., & Co., 450 Market.

 Confectioners and Fruit.

Giacovites, Alex.. & Co., 249 Central.

Loukos, B., 23 Thondock.

Paraskevopoulos, C., 333 Moody.

Skalpas, T., 175 Appleton.

Tavoularis, P., 1 Salem.

Tournas & Co., 420 Suffolk.

Zantouhos, W., 134 Middlesex.

 Cigarette Manufacturers.

Johnson. A., 626 Market.

Lararakis, John, 340 Suffolk,


Demopoulos, G., Associate bldg.

Gatsoponlas. J., Associate bldg.

Generelis, D., Associate bldg.

Rousakis, 5 Hanover.

Drug Stores.

Chagaroules, P., 406 Suffolk.

Vogeolas,G., 472 Market.

 Dry Goods.

Eliopoulos, Geo., 444 Market.

Hoopes, El., 424 Market.

 Grocers, etc.

Alexakos & Giav;s, 523 Market.

Aliferakis, S.. 564 Market.

Anastassiou, D., 94 Tefferson.

Arkoudaris. D. 3 Hanover.

Colovourdis, Th., & Co., 398 Market.

Economopoulos, 498 Market.

Hadzivrettas, S., 397 Market.

Hoopis & Tsopelas, 436 Market.,

Kemos & Co., 412 Suffolk.

Linardakis & Lianos, 416 Suffolk.

Pappacondiles. John. 453 Market.

Petropoulos, C., & Co.. 304 Market.

Palaskas. C., & Co., 404 Market.

Rangos & Co., 350 Market.

Revopoulos & Papaaretos, 374 Market.

Spanos. 609 Market.

Stcroumbelos, Am, 20 Lewis.

Riamrtatakos, 508 Market.

Sophos, Emmanuel, 464 Adams.

Tsatsios, C., & Co.. 468 Market.

Tsiotas, G., 462 Market.

Tsimopoulos. & Vainos. 478 Market.

Tsalogias, N., 59 Jefferson

Varoutsos & Malliaros, 508 Market

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