THE BRIDGE REVIEW: Merrimack Valley Culture
Bridge Review III
Hellenic Culture Society Poetry Anthology

A Group Poem
Mary Bacigalupo
Walter Bacigalupo
Helen Brooks
George Dana
Linda Diefendorf
Xanthe Mangiavas
Bernard Petruzziello
Mary Sampas
Charles Nikitopoulos
Eleni Zohdi

The Green Ball

My lovely vibrant, clear green ball
glows with steady light and gives no heat.
The gentle radiant green from deep within
links me with a universe of brilliantsuns
in this small space, converging, fusing,
channeling life-glow energy,
to all that is, has been, might be.

From time to time in this sweet place
the light is dimmed by blue striations
coursing through the clear green sphere.
Intrusive hurts, regrets, and pain,
unbidden and unwelcome,
encroach upon the peaceful space
to cloud the ball, obscure the light.

Yet, even streaks of blue on green
cannot completely dull the glow.
With faith and strength and dignity
the vibrant joy so deep within
the cherished, precious ball
renews the sphere to peaceful green,
dispelling all disquietude.

The ball is mine, to tend or not.
The choice is mine, alone.
No needs, demands for sustenance
Are asked of me.
The clear, green ball renews itself,
sustains itself, eternally,
and radiates serenity.

Mary Bacigalupo


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