Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Mission
What we do
What we do
Our Mission
Our History


Who we are ...

The Greater Lowell Family Resource Collaborative is a collaboration of parents, advocates, and providers of services to families and children in the Lowell, Mass. area.

The GLFRC is committed to improving services to families in our area, and to avoiding duplication of services. We understand that every family needs support at times, and that services should be welcoming, easily accessible, and family centered.

We recognize that everyone has something important to offer to others, and that everyone’s voice is important in meeting our families’ needs.


Our Vision …

The Greater Lowell Family Resource Collaborative envisions a community where:

  • every child has a secure and happy home
  • every parent has the knowledge, skill and support needed 
    to create and maintain such a home
  • every family has access to and knowledge of the resources 
    available in the community
  • the community as a whole is committed to nurturing and 
    strengthening families in a responsive and empowering way
  • healthy families enhance the well-being of communities

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Our Mission …

The Greater Lowell Family Resource Collaborative is a collaboration of providers, advocates and community members who are dedicated to educating, strengthening, and serving families in our communities.
Together, by combining our resources and energy, we will:

  • help families identify and build on their own strengths
  • improve access to and coordination of existing services
  • advocate for family strengthening resources that are responsive 
      to diverse and
    changing needs in Greater Lowell
  • heighten awareness that secure and happy families are vital to 
      strong and healthy communities

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What we do ...

You can help us help families in Lowell. Our general membership is free, and is open to all: providers, advocates, and people who care about families in Lowell.
We sponsor:

  • staff training
  • parenting education programs
  • supervised visitation/ family support
  • community events
  • empowering Parents as Community Leaders
  • improved access to information and referral services

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Our History ...

In 1998 a small group of area professionals began to talk about new ways of identifying and meeting the needs of children and parents in Greater Lowell.

Goals included improving service accessibility and cultural relevance, and expanding prevention initiatives; and assessing the match between programs and needs. One objective chosen was establishing a supervised visitation program where parents involved with DSS could meet with their children and learn to parent more effectively.

Innovation, service integration and collaboration are crucial in supporting the work of parents. The family support approach to services was identified as a model to help families raise their children to be secure and healthy and obtain appropriate assistance when needed. The group chose the name Greater Lowell Family Resource Center, envisioning a single site at which family support services could be offered by member agencies.

In 1999, a grant was received from the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation to support the growth and formalization of the GLFRC, and funding for the GLFRC was added to the Lowell area DSS budget through the efforts of Senator Steven Panagiotakos, to establish the family center component of the Greater Lowell Family Resource Center.

In the past year alone, the Supervised Visitation Program opened, a planner was hired, and the GLFRC grew to involve parents, additional agencies that work with families, and advocates for children and parents. Bylaws were passed and a logo designed. A strategic planning process led to the identification of priority objectives. Additional financial support was obtained from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Community Health Network 10, and Lowell Weed and Seed, for professional training and parent leadership development. (And the Lowell Teen Coalition to reduce the incidence of teen fatherhood.)

As the group grew members began to identify gaps in services and barriers to accessing services, and to find new ways of sharing existing resources and seeking new ones. In October 2000, the Advisory Board voted to rename the group, and as of November 2000 the official name is the Greater Lowell Family Resource Collaborative.

In January of 2001, Karen Frederick of Community Teamwork Incorporated assumed the role of Advisory Board Chairperson as the Collaborative reluctantly accepted the resignation of Linda D. Sutter, the GLFRC's first chairperson. 

Thanks to funding from the Department of Social Services, and a second year of funding from the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation, as well as a grant from the Abbot Stevens Foundation and generous member contributions form several agencies, have assured that the Greater Lowell Family Resource Collaborative will continue to promote and enhance the well-being of area families through Fiscal Year 2002!

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